Do you know the importance of finding qualified storage? Why choosing qualified storage? If you only care about the rental price, the losses outweigh the gain.


How can we identify qualified storage?


  • There should be a separation distance of 2.4 meters between rows/clusters
  • The distance between the ceiling and the top of the storage cubicles and/or stored articles should not be less than 1 meter
  • The storage cubicles and/or stored articles should not exceed 2.35 meters in height.
  • An “access window” should measure at least 1 meter high by 0.85 meter wide
  • The sill of any “access window” should not be higher than 1,100 millimeters above the finished floor level.
  • All “access windows” should be directly connected to the internal means of escape of the mini-storage.


Our Storage provides space from 2 to 259 square feet (actual floor space calculation) with a wide variety of size to choose from.


With full fire protection facilities, come with flexible tenancy periods which meet customers’ every need!


We are on the list of Target MSP without Obvious Irregularities:


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