Given the recent development of the coronavirus outbreak, to ensure that customer can use the office / mini storage in a better and hygienic environment, please follow guidelines as below:


  1. If you or your family members have been to China in the last 14 days, please quarantine for at least two weeks
  2. If you suspect discomfort, you should seek medical treatment immediately and do not visit the Center / Storage
  3. Please wear a mask during your visit (We have small quantity of masks, if you have such need, could come to reception to get)
  4. After using the mask, please fold and tie it well, then throw it in the trash bin on the back staircase.
  5. If necessary, you can take a temperature measurement at the reception


In addition, we will regularly disinfect main door handles. We also offer 1:99 bleach at the reception for borrow if you would like to strengthen the cleaning individually. Hope we could make the Center and Storage a safe and hygienic place. Thank you for your cooperation!

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, should you have any questions, please contact our staff.