Always need to wait till the end of the year in order to know the company’s profit and loss this year? Every time when dealing with the audited report, usually find out that some of the payment receipt missing? Now we introduce to you our new service – Monthly Accountant Plan (monthly accounting service), organize your monthly expenses and income on your behalf, the company’s financial records will clear at glance, making it easy to adjust resource allocation.


Our professional accounting team will help to sort out every financial record for you. Provide us with your entire invoice for the current month and we will show your profit and loss, which saves you a lot of time and allows you to be more focused to develop your business. It will be much simpler while dealing with your audit report in the end of the year. Do not need to worry about the missing invoice anymore. We definitely are your idea financial recorder.


Service price from HK$2,000


Provide free quotation, if you have any enquiries, please call us or email us.