Have you every thought about that employment agency may not need a physical store?  With the development of the time, by video call and express delivery can solve the problem of signing contract. Worried that not having a store will make customers feel uneasy? Need a place to meet guests? In fact, just renting a serviced office can completely solve the problem, and it can also greatly save unnecessary expenses. Our serviced office can help you reduce the monthly cost to $2,150/month.


No worries about facility management: Renting a serviced office means you don’t need to worry about facility management and maintenance of your office. We’ll take care of the day-to-day running of your office, such as cleaning, maintenance, air conditioning, etc., so you can focus on running your business.


Flexible tenancy: Serviced offices often offer flexible tenancy options, allowing you to choose a short- or long-term lease depending on your needs. This flexibility allows you to adjust your office space as your business grows.


One-stop solution: Provide you with one-stop office services, including furniture, equipment, telecommunications facilities, high-speed Internet, etc. You don’t need to invest in additional office facilities and equipment, saving time and money.


Professional business environment: Renting a serviced office allows you to enter a professional business environment. We can answer the phone and receive guests.


Additional facilities and services: Additional business facilities and services are also provided, such as conference rooms, reception desks, mail and package management, administrative support, etc. These facilities and services enable you to run your business, host meetings and receive clients more efficiently.


Cost Savings: Renting a serviced office is often more cost-effective than traditional office leasing. You only pay a fixed monthly fee, with no additional facility management and equipment investment costs.


If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at enquiry@greenbusiness.com.hk or WhatsApp us at +852 6622 4633.