Legal Services

Professional legal services and consulting are available. We will help you to tackle any obstacle along your way and assist in preventing any possible threat.


Accounting & Auditing

Our professional team of experienced accountants and auditors will help you to arrange all necessary documents and correct accounting figures for the tax assessment!

HK$10,000 up


Inventory Management

Base on your requirements, provides inventory management services which may include cargo in checking the actual goods with your supplier’s invoice, counting and weighting, picking and packing for shipment and stock take etc.




Our IT team is in our office, that we could provide some advice and solution for your IT problem.


1. Sequencing of Flyers

Kitting Service

We specialized in developing customized solutions for clients in different market types, including contractual warehouse management, order consolidation, pick pack warehouse operations, rework & value-added services etc.

HK Work Visa Application

Help customer to apply for Hong Kong work visa, including filling out, sorting out the required information and submitting the Immigration Form on their behalf, and keeping up with the progress of the application.

HK$18,000 up

Any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.