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Delivery & Storage For Exhibition Company Formation Meeting Room
Mini stockroom service provides one-stop, interval practical, and clean area from
8 to 109 square feet, suitable for all industries storing furniture, household
goods, commercial files or work tools. We provide various sizes of mini
stockroom, meeting the actual needs of different customers.
Service and Facilities of Mini Stockroom :
  Storage area ranging from 2 to 97 square feet.
  Monthly-based rent, flexible rental contract.
  24 hours free access.
  24 hours CCTV online surveillance systems at all locations.
  Provide air-conditioning control. Maintain at +/-2 °C from room temperature.
  Provide humidity control within 40-70% (According to the
  Hong Kong Observatory, the humidity is considered as dry within this range).
  Regular pest control measures.
  Individual smart card and key for each customer.
  Free use of ladders and trolleys for handling goods.
Delivery Service :
Green Storage has an experienced delivery team for transporting any types of units. We also provide loading & packaging services with different sizes of carton box for different purposes.
Delivery Hotline : +852 8108 7711
Business and Household Services :
  Items   Contents
  Mini Stockroom Service   Provide an area range from 8 to 100 square feet of
  separate personal space for storage.
  Mailing Service   Suitable for every industry without a fixed address
  in HK. Specified staff informs you to pick up mail.
  Mail Forwarding   Standard mail forwarding and receiving, etc.
Commerical Use
Storage of documents, goods, office furniture and miscellaneous items,
exhibition display boards, work tools, etc.
To fit for our SME and online business customer, we provide standard mail forwarding and receiving service, registered office adddress for business registration.
A comfortable wide lobby is provided for customers to count & pack their goods.
Domestic Use
For short-term and temporary storage during home renovation.
For book lovers, no matter comics lovers or novel lovers, it would be best to form a small private library and read books inside.
For ladies, you could store their seasonal clothing, handbags and shoes, forming their own dressing room.
For gentleman, you could store your treasures, such as toys, models, limited edition of shoes, love letters, CDs / DVDs / vinyl records, golf appliances etc.
For couples, storing treasures of childhood memeries, such as school reports, prize medals / cups, diaries, photo albums, or letters, etc. This is a good choice to spare some free areas for people who you love.
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