Our professional team will help customer to registered their own business according to their requirement and we also provide company secretarial services to meet all needs of our customer.

With serviced office

Provide 10% off of the service fee for leasing our office for more than 6 months contract.

With virtual office

Provide 20% off for leasing our virtual office for 12 months contract.

Express set up company

As long as the file is complete, set up the company process the fastest 2-3 working days to complete.

Professional advice

Our specialist will provide you with tailor-made advice, design the most appropriate plan.

New HK Ltd Company Registration & Company Formation Plan

Service and doucments CF-A0 CF-A1 CF-C0 CF-C1
Company name search
Documentations preparation
Certificate of Incorporation
BR Certificate
Green Box
Statutory Book (soft copy)
Statutory Book
Share Certificates
Chops (seal, signature chop and chop)
Company secretarial services + designated representative in SCR $1,800 1 yr 1 yr
Service fee HK$1,000 HK$2,055 HK$1,390 HK$2,445
Certificate of Incorporation HK$1,545 HK$1,545 HK$1,545 HK$1,545
BR Certificate HK$2,150 HK$2,150 HK$2,150 HK$2,150
Annual return filing HK$105 HK$105
Total HK$4,695 HK$5,855 HK$5,085 HK$6,245
10 % off for leasing our office for more than 6 months contract HK$900 HK$1,850 HK$1,251 HK$2,201
10% off Total HK$4,595 HK$5,650 HK$4,946 HK$6,001
Std price
Prepaid 1 yr
12% off
With Formation Company
20% off
With Company Secretary package 20% off
Registered office address package (VO-A1) HK$80 HK$840 HK$768 HK$768
Registered office address package (VO-A2) HK$120 HK$1,272 HK$1,152 HK$1,152
Registered office address package + Tel + Fax (VO-C1) HK$280 HK$2,952 HK$2,688 HK$2,688
Registered office address package + Tel + Fax (VO-C2) HK$320 HK$3,384 HK$3,072 HK$3,072
mail box or resend mail service HK$50 HK$528 HK$480 HK$480
seal, signature chop and chop
CPA certified true copies of company documents HK$400

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