There are a lot of things to worry about when starting an online store. From the selection of the product to the next advertisement, taking photos, and taking orders, you need to do it all. However, when it comes to real operation, may needs to face more problems, such as managing inventory, picking and packing, tracking, etc.


At present, many online store owners need to go to their storage to pick and pack the goods after receiving the order, then arrange delivery. When the order is completed, it takes time to manage record the goods. At the same time, may need to update the delivery status for the customers. These processes are complicated and time-consuming. In the peak season of consumption, receive a batch of orders and need to use twice the time to handle the orders; it just likes the beginning of a nightmare.


Most warehouses in Hong Kong usually provide inventory and distribution for medium-sized or large companies only, which the shipping pattern is more stable and large-volume when comparing with online stores’ shipment. As for online stores, most of the shipments usually are wide variety of products with different amount, which may not be a good choose. We understand your needs and the complicated and annoying trivialities above; our online shop helper service was born.


Online shop helper service


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Different from our current virtual office service and mini-storage, the online store helper is a one-stop storage logistics service for online store owners, including receiving goods, inventory management, picking, packaging and arrange shipping service. At the same time, we also provide online direct conversation service, store owners can contact our staff anytime, anywhere; manage their own inventory information, can have more time focusing on expand business. Our service fee calculation based on the storage space, which allows the owner adjust the inventory according to the consumption season flexibly, so that the cost can be minimized, making it easier for you to operate the store.


SA Plan – 1.5*1.5*1.5 cubic feet (Storage size)

20 invoice (total amount of incoming and outgoing parcels) ONLY $680/month

SB Plan – 1.5*1.5*3 cubic feet (Stroage size)

30 inovice (total amount of incoming and outgoing parcels) ONLY $980/month


20,000 Self-owned property


We located at Grade B commercial buildings in Tsuen Wan District, which are self-owned properties, can avoid the impact of rental problems on the operation of our customers. We won’t charge any management fees and government rates, which enable our customers to develop their business without burden. Our storage provides a good environment for store goods, so that customers can properly place their goods safely and reliably. At the same time, we provide serviced office rentals also. From time to time, we hold business network gatherings to provide opportunities for customers to communicate and cooperate with each other. Our centre provide meeting rooms which can use as workshop venue and studio with professional shooting equipment which can use as product display room for rental; meet the needs of customers to operate and expand their business.


Still worrying about the problem that cause by online shop process? The online shop helper provides you with one-stop logistics service, from receiving goods, inventory mangement, picking and packaging to arrange delivery, we help to hand over these complicated and annoying trivial matters. For more information, please click here for more information.